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20 questions background

What is the character’s name?

Theodore Jenkis. His mom still likes to call him Teddy but he prefers people call him by his Matrix handle (Skreeth) to avoid spreading around his real and registered identity.

What is the characters race, nationality, age, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and skin color/tone, and build?

Born and raised in the Denver area Ted is the child of a Japanese couple who had parents originally from the asian island (Leonard Jenkis & Natalie Julyan). He’s obviously asian but due to a genetic defect has not physically matured much beyond that of a 13 year old boy. He’s actually 25 years old but hasn’t grown over 5 feet tall yet and barely tips the scale over 100 pounds. He has jet black hair and dark brown eyes and his build is very thin and lacking muscles because of his childlike body.

Where did your character learn his/her skills?

Once he was diagnosed with his condition and the teasing at school became too much of a hassle his mother pulled him out and finished his education with home schooling. Hours and hours behind a computer taught him everything he knew about the Matrix and the last several years of his adulthood saw him spending more time out in his father’s garage tinkering with blueprints and schematics he scrounged up over the ‘net.

What did your character do before becoming a runner?

His dad died when he was 10 in a botched operation while working for his security firm. This wrecked havoc on his already fragile mother’s psyche so he split his time between schooling and taking care of her and things around the home while he was growing up. Thankfully his father’s insurance paid them enough to provide a safe place to live.

Does your character have any family?

He lives with his mother Natalie who is a bit emotinally unbalanced, and he has an uncle in the area who is a cyber doctor (David Julyan). He has no brothers or sisters.

What are your characters dreams/goals/aspirations?

First and foremost Ted wants to provide a safe and securely paid for living environment for his mother. He keeps his shadowrunning persona as separate from his home life as possible to spare the chance of anything dangerous happening to her. Sometimes he toys with the idea of finding a cure for his genetic disorder but it seems to make things easier on his mom if she still thinks he is a kid. Lastly he would like to find security outfit that his father worked for and figure out the real story behind his death.

What is the characters general appearance?

A skinny asian kid wearing a baseball cap, cut off shorts, a tee shirt with a logo for some odd Matrix game, tennis shoes and gum snapping in his mouth.

Why did they choose to be a shadow-runner?

His 13 year old physique made him unable to do any typical jobs of physical labor and no corporation would take him on as a serious programmer of any importance beyond a normal wage slave. Ted got disgusted with trying to find real work and went underground to earn cred.

What is the characters personality?

He’s a tough street kid who uses his appearance to his advantage. He’ll play himself off as the innocent grade school kid when it suits him and otherwise he’ll come across as hard and serious when real stakes are on the table. He’s got a bit of a prankster sense of humor, a sharp wit, and a massive catalog of useless information from years of sitting on a computer. He’s very protective of his mother and will kill anyone without hesitation if they threaten her.

What skills does your character bring to this group? What makes them special?

He’s a wiz with computer software and can run drones by remote like a pro. Oddly his approach to tinkering with physical objects was to write programs for his drones to run so that they could do the tinkering for him.

What are some things your character cannot do?

Ted will never be fair in a fist fight. If he can’t shoot a guy (or order a drone to do it) he’d rather just run away than get his ass kicked. He has some trouble interacting with new people socially because he looks like a kid but can eventually overcome that if he gets to know a person well enough. He’s much more at ease talking to people through the Matrix where he can hide his true looks.

What does your character hate and why?

Bullies. People who don’t take him seriously even when they know about his genetic problem. Cops. People who harass his mom.

What does your character love?

Candy. Drinking & smoking (when his mom won’t find out). Asian food. Watching soccer on the ‘trid. Playing video games. Writing code.

What does your character respect?

Independent women like his mom. Mechanics and other people who like to get their hands dirty working on tech. People who would bring a knife to a gun fight.

How was your character educated?

Public school until age 14 or 15 and then home schooled.

What is your characters moral code?

He’s no assassin for hire but he has no qualms with shooting somebody before they shoot him when he’s on a job. He rarely finds himself using a gun personally to kill a person so it’s a lot easier for him than others (he uses drones typically).

Does your character have any political beliefs? Religious?

He could care less about politics as long as they don’t raise his taxes and even though his mother is a traditional Buddhist he doesn’t really follow a strict religious doctrine.

What item(s) does your character treasure?

He loves the tennis shoes his dad gave him many years ago. He keeps bringing them in to be mended or patched together with tape rather than throw them out.

Tell me at least one thing I (as the GM) should know about your character.

Ted really tries to avoid doing things that he could do with a drone instead. He’s not afraid to do a job on site, but his idea of “on site” is hiding behind a stack of very bulletproof storage containers while he has his drones in the line of fire.

SINs and Licenses

  • Theodore Jenkis – Official SIN for the Denver area.
  • James Gummel – Fake SIN that is only used directly during runs.
  • John Murdock – Fake SIN used for purchasing all fake licenses.
  • Fake Licenses (Rank 4) – Savalette Guardian, Rover Model 2068, GM-Nissan Doberman (1 of them)

Friends, Contacts, and Family

Scott Eddo Human Fixer Loyalty: 2 Connection: 2
B A R S C I L W Edg Ess Init IP
3 3 3 2 5 5 3 4 3 6 8 1
Active Skills Computer 3, Data Search 4, Dodge 2, Etiquette 4 (Street +2), Negotiation 5, Perception 3, Pistols 3
Knowledge Skills Corporate Rumors 4, Fences 4, Gear Values 6, Shadowrunner Teams 4
Background A human fixer that Ted has exchanged favors with over the past few years. He supplies him with gear and drugs and gives him a place to dump hot items that he’s picked up during jobs. He usually works out of a local coffee shop.
David Julyan Human Street Doc Loyalty: 2 Connection: 2
B A R S C I L W Edg Ess Init IP
3 4 3 2 3 4 5 3 3 6 7 1
Active Skills Cybertechnology 5, First Aid 4, Medicine 5, Negotiation 2, Perception 3
Knowledge Skills Biology 4, Medical Advances 3, Organleggers 2, Psychology 2, Smugglers 2
Background Uncle on his mom’s side David is a semi-reputable cyberdoctor in the Denver area. He’s not very well connected with the underworld but he can provide some favors in the medical field if Ted needs it.
  • Natalie Julyan Jenkis – Ted’s mom who he lives with at home (in her garage specifically).

Living Place

Westminster (north of Denver)


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