20 questions background

What is the character’s name? Elliot Grayson. She is still trying to figure out her runner name.

What is the characters race, nationality, age, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and skin color/tone, and build?

Ellie was raised in the Denver area, growing up playing her father’s garage. She is short – about 5’5” and has long dark brown hair. She is of sturdy built but not heavy at 140 pounds. She is an American human but has some elf poser traits in her ears and overall style. Her skin tone is light and her eyes are medium brown.

Where did your character learn his/her skills?

Family meant a lot to the Graysons in Denver and throughout America. As such, Ellie learned her mechanics skills in part from being around her dad as he fixed vehicles in his shop (the shop he later left to her). She also learned forgery skills at the knee of her grandfather, often playing “find the differences” before he turned in his final product.

What did your character do before becoming a runner?

She did light (still legal) errands around her sector of Denver for family and friends. Ellie was pulling into running because of a need to make more money and as a favor to a friend.

Does your character have any family?

Ellie’s mom (Nadia Grayson) disappeared awhile ago – she had family scattered throughout the country and went to find them. Ellie and her dad were concerned but all their efforts to find out where Nadia went led to nothing.

Ellie’s dad (Gibson Grayson) remains a large part of Ellie’s life. He helped her through some tough times in her adolescence. He hates the fact that she has to turn to the runner side of things, but he can’t turn over the repair/mod business at his garage quick enough in recent years.

What are your characters dreams/goals/aspirations?

Living in the economically depressed area of Denver has left Ellie with limited dreams. She has seen too many her friends get overly caught up in illegal activities, trying to climb that ladder to success and fail. Most of them are living the same life they had in high school, and Ellie’s no different. Ideally, she would like to move out of Denver and find a way to create art out of her talent for forgery and details. Realistically, she just wants to make sure her dad doesn’t lose the shop that has been in the family for generations.

What is the characters general appearance? She’s usually has her long lined coat on over a pair of cargo pants and a tank top. Ellie doesn’t pay too much attention to clothing but wears whatever she needs to blend in to the crowd.

Why did they choose to be a shadow-runner? Ellie just wants to do this to earn fast cash for her family’s business. Whenever that becomes more secure, she wants to earn enough money to go to art school or get the hell out of Denver.

What is the characters personality?

She’s the girl that is never suspected of anything… which is her whole thing. She loves to get away with little things. In school she was likely the person to throw something at the teacher or try to take two when only one was offered. She is willing to help people she likes, but there has to be an advantage for her. The only time this isn’t true is when it comes to family.

What skills does your character bring to this group? What makes them special?

She’s ready for smuggling – when she needs to be legal, she’s got a SIN ready to go, otherwise Ellie plans on sliding under the radar. She is an absolute surgeon when it comes to her use of a shotgun. She can drive fast and far.

What are some things your character cannot do?

Ellie grew up learning crafts not connected to the Matrix. She’s good with the physical forgeries and even some locksmith. She’s not unfamiliar with autos. However when the time calls for in-depth computer stuff, she is out of her element.

What does your character hate and why?

People who had advantages growing up. People who are able to advance with help from others. What she thinks of as unnecessary computer use (drones shooting instead of just pulling out your own gun). People who notice her before she wants to be noticed. People who treat her differently because she’s a female and an elf-poser.

What does your character love?

Her family. Sneaking into shows at the retro theater. Trying to find useful stuff along the street. Detail work whether on autos or documents.

What does your character respect?

People who realize that there was a way of doing things before the Matrix was involved. People who find a direct way – not always the most elegant or diplomatic method.

How was your character educated?

Public charter school through elementary (teachers thought she was gifted until she showed her serious lack of programming skills). Public school, non-college track, through 12th. Supplement education in mechanics from father and forgery/lockpicking from grandfather. Self education in art/art history.

What is your characters moral code?

Ellie will protect herself first. She will abandon people she was hired to protect if it means escape. Ellie prefers to slip away but will kill if needed to protect herself. She will hesitate to get involved if it may hurt her later. She hasn’t really been tested yet in a group setting.

Does your character have any political beliefs? Religious?

None. She figures everyone is out for themselves and won’t improve the life of Denver dwellers.

What item(s) does your character treasure?

A magnifying glass she used to play with while looking over her grandfather’s forgeries. An old viewer that has pictures of the works of Henri Matisse and Ansel Adams. A set of fine tipped brushes.

Tell me at least one thing I (as the GM) should know about your character.

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